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Investment Advice

      During the 1990's stock market boom the average investor made 3% annually per Dalbar, yet the market went up 17% annually. Why did the average investor make 14% a year less than the market? Why did some investors loose 80% during the tech stock crash of 2001? If these investors had used a professional investment adviser most likely they would have had better results.
    The goal of professional investment advice is to make a custom tailored investment plan for each client that weighs the risks and rewards of investing and filters out the incorrect emotional opinions of the crowd and instead looks for investments in uncrowded areas. By removing emotions from decisions, getting away from crowds and thinking creatively, investors will increase the probability that they will move in the right direction towards better returns.
     Investors may find they are better off by retaining a professional investment adviser who can choose investments. An advisor provides emotional fortification to the client to keep the client from being brainwashed by peer pressure that leads to following the herd into the wrong choice.

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