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Lump Sum Distribution Planning

      This topic is something that should be analyzed in the context of an overall financial plan, instead of in a simple, narrow context. This involves tax planning, investment planning, cash flow needs analysis, and even estate planning.
Financial planning is a unique discipline that seeks to balance all the areas of your personal financial life. The overall goal is to optimize both your current situation and your long-term financial future. Many people, no matter how much money they earn or the amount of assets they have accumulated, could benefit from independent, professional advice about Lump Sum Distribution Planning.
     Examples of
Lump Sum Distribution Planning are:
* 401k or 403b rollover to IRA at termination of employment
* Pension Plan rollover to an IRA when the Plan is terminated
* Inheritance
* Sale of business
* Life insurance proceeds
* Insurance policy proceeds for losses
* Sale of home with planned downsizing of house
* Lawsuit judgment proceeds


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